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Month: June 2016

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Welcome to my blog. Thank you for joining me in this journey. It is my hope that the information shared here will uplift you, inspire you and motivate you and those around you to CELEBRATE every milestone as if it were your last!

Window Blind Styles, Which Would You Choose

Aluminum or Wood Blinds?

How do I prepare to plan a small home project? Sometimes just getting started is a problem. I often don’t know how to get started, so my thoughts can be unorganized and be a huge time and money waster while I run around from store to store getting samples and ideas. When I’m indecisive, I have to give myself space and a little quiet time to eventually put pen to paper.

Window blinds can either make your windows pop or just be a space on the wall. The original metal (aluminum) window blinds have come a long way, however they’re not ordinarily seen as formal blinds. Since the introduction of metal (aluminum) blinds, they have added a wide range of new colors. So, if you’re looking for something temporary, cheap, light-weight, and cost efficient, metal blinds might be the choice for you. If you have an odd space, you can always place a special order at home improvement store. Aluminum blinds also look great in an industrial or office setting.

If you’re on a tight budget but want your windows to POP, try Faux Wood Blinds. If your budget allows, you can choose real wood blinds and get the same look. However, Faux Wood Blinds come in a nice variety of wood grains, painted & stain colors and slat widths. Faux Wood Blinds also offer a formal look by offering a valance.

blind slats

Wood Blinds

I start my project by deciding and listing which style (Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Eclectic, etc) I want the finish product to coordinate my existing décor with. The next step should always be the one in which you determine how much you want to spend (let’s call it a budget). One of my first moves is to get more inspiration by actually seeing my options. I pull hard copy magazines (even old ones) and I peruse through online catalogs. Usually what I see on the pages doesn’t exactly match what I’m looking for. So I begin to ‘window shop’ from catalog-to-catalog. I take bits and pieces of each picture and I visualize all of the ideas in one project. I’ve even taken the pages, cut out the object I think I want and glue them all to a blank piece of paper. I know it’s ‘elementary’ but the way my mind is ‘setup’ I have to actually see what I envision. This gives me a better idea about whether my vision will work or not. There will always be revisions, so don’t get discouraged if during the project, some of your choices have to be changed. It’s always better to switch in the midst of completing the project, it’ll cost you less time and headache and probably less money. Happy Decorating!

Let Your Inner Artist OUT!

Painting a wall doesn’t have to mean a plain boring paint job anymore. If you’re as indecisive as I am, you can understand my dilemma when choosing paint colors for a wall. This type of project is no different in the starting process of all of my project planning. I pullout my magazines (even the fashion ones) and go to the online catalogs and I day dream about how I want my wall to look.

painted wall

Once I settle on a color family, I travel to the hardware store (Home Depot, Menards or Lowe’s) and head straight to the painting department. The paint swatches become like a buffet for my taking.  As I look down in my hand and see how many swatches I’ve snatched, that makes the journey to the finish line even that much further away.  By this time, I’m thinking why have picked all of these variances of color?  All they’ve done is just confuse me even more.  So I go back to my home office, divide the swatches into piles of yes, no or maybe.  I get rid of the NO’s and the battle in my head begins between the piles of YES or MAYBE.  This last elimination last longer than I’d like it to, but in the end, I will have at least three coordinating colors.  Now we can officially start to put your project together.  If your budget limits you to start small, start with a few gallons of paint & primer all in one.  When I painted the walls in the living room and dining room, I was bored after seeing the same color on three consecutive walls.  So I thought about what artistic element could I add that I hadn’t seen on anyone’s walls in my world, so I decided to add a slightly darker color.  My first learning lesson was to make sure the first coat of paint for the background was totally dry.  Trust me, if you continue with the next step without the wall being completely dry, you’ll just be angry at an ugly wall & probably yourself.  I then added the 2nd color to the wall using a hand drawn design with the help of painters tape. I measured about 5 feet off of the ground to make my starting marks. I also used a leveler to ensure that my lines were leveled and straight.  I thought of designs anywhere from the Chevron pattern to an Ocean Wave.  In the end I chose the Ocean Wave.  I drew the lines then used painters tape to ensure I painted inside the lines. You might find it more efficient to draw all of your lines first then tape the lines all at once, because once you pull out the paint & brush, it’ll be quicker to continue through the end.

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