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Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Items Needed:
1-2 packages of Pretzel Rods or Twists (approximately 40 per bag)
1-3 Packages of Chocolate Melts (Colors of your choice)

Before you get started, purchase extra bags of pretzel rods because you don’t want to use the broken rods. Presentation is EVERYTHING!  For your finished product, it is more beautiful to see uniformity, so save the short pretzel rods for snack time.

Microwave 1 C of chocolate melts and 1 Tsp of shortening into a microwaveable bowl. Microwave in 30 second increments until chocolate melts are soft (but not completely melted). Stir until chocolate is thin like pudding.
You’ll need a tall container (cup/glass, etc) or a dipping disposable tube (found below) that is tall as or taller than the pretzel rods. Fill the container with the melted chocolate. Dip each pretzel rod so that 3/4 of rod is covered with chocolate. Place rod on a sheet of parchment paper (wax paper). When sheet is full, place in refrigerator until chocolate is stiff.
To decorate pretzels, line chocolate covered pretzels closely on parchment paper. Fill a Ziploc bag with melted chocolate (preferably a sandwich size bag). Cut a small hole at the bottom corner of the bag so you can drizzle chocolate across the pretzels until decorated to your liking. Place in refrigerator until stiff.  Once stiff after decorating, place each pretzel in a pretzel party bag and use a coordinating color as a tie if you choose.beecham90cecilr5

Display suggestion: Place pretzels that are designed with same colors together on your table (it makes it easier for your guests to find what they’re looking for).

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

How to Make Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

Researchers and scientists have said for decades that chocolate is an aphrodisiac.  So I think its appropriate to offer guests to a wedding shower or a wedding reception the ultimate treat, CHOCOLATE wrapped in chocolate.

Supplies Needed:

1-2 pkgs of Original Oreo Cookies (36 cookies per pack, you may want to save the broken cookies for later)

1-3 Bags of Chocolate Candy Melts (Color of your choice)

Crisco Shortening

Microwaveable bowl


Plain Cookie Chocolate Mold (purchase on Amazon)


Place approximately 1 C of Candy Melts and 1 tsp of shortening into a microwaveable bowl.  until almost all melted.  Microwave in 30 second increments (stirring in between).  Only microwave til candy melts are soft, then stir till chocolate is smooth.  Chocolate should be thin as pudding.  To prevent the chocolate from over cooking, only heat ingredients so that you can manually stir to assist the chocolate in the melting process.

Pour chocolate to cover the bottom of the cookie mold, then place cookie in the center of mold.  Pour chocolate to cover the cookie.  Fill the rest of the mold with chocolate & repeat for the other 5 molds. Be sure to push the cookie down slightly to avoid air bubbles.  Once the mold is full, place in freezer until stiff. After chocolate has set, remove cookie from mold.  If temperature in home is warm, place chocolate covered cookies back into refrigerator until ready to decorate.  At this stage you can leave them as is, or prepare them for decorating.


If you are choosing to decorate the cookie, use the same chocolate melting procedure as above.  The decorative chocolate should be a coordinating color.  Pour the chocolate in plastic Ziploc sandwich bag.  To decorate cookies, line cookies up closely on a sheet of parchment paper (wax paper) like an assembly line.   Cut a small bottom corner of the sandwich bag, but hold the bag so that it doesn’t leak until you’re ready to decorate.  Quickly drip chocolate from left to right across the cookie until decorated to your liking.  Let the chocolate drizzle across in lines or a  Zig-Zag pattern.

Place cookies back into the refrigerator to set, then sit out to serve as they become room temperature

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Back To School/College Must Haves

Heading Back to School/College

It’s that time of year when the playgrounds become empty and the classroom is consumed by the chatter of girls and boys gathered in one place to learn something new, and the school speed zones become active.  Its that time of year when parents find waking a child up in the morning is a theatrical production.  Whatever change the return to school brings, you’ll need to stock up on some things in preparation of the school year.

Every student from Kindergarten to College needs certain items, supplies, and accessories that will get them off to a great start.  Speaking of Kindergarten, I remember being in Kindergarten with my lunch box.  I had a pink Barbie lunchbox.  It had a Thermos in it and I was happy to show it off everyday.  So, no matter who your child likes as a TV character you should send them off happy knowing they have something they love.  I’ve also listed a sports lunchbox for kids or adults who love sports, you can take this along with you.  If you have a child that is crazy for the move FROZEN, I’ve got a great backpack and lunchbox set below.  Maybe you want to help your child decompress after an intense day at school, I found a cute Frozen Stationary Set they could love.

If you have a college student that needs bed sheets, portable shower tote, pop-up mesh laundry hamper, smart phone charging station with USB outlet multiplier and dual surge protector, bed risers for extra storage under the bed, A 6 pocket bedside storage mattress Book Remote Caddy, Locking Storage Box, Clip-On Laptop Lamp, Soap Box, Shower and Water Sandals and Toothbrush Holder.  Maybe you want to send your student a care package, there is a plethora of things you could send, checkout Pinterest for inspiration.

 Below is a list of items you should consider purchasing from Amazon with their Prime Membership.


Something Beautiful is on the Horizon

  • Sunrise over sea

More beautiful and insightful content is coming soon.

Theme Ideas For Baby Shower and Child Parties

Party Theme Ideas

Baby Shower & Child Parties

How can you go above and beyond last years birthday party? Try a theme and stick to it with every detail. For thought, these are a couple of Theme Ideas for Baby Shower and Child Parties. 

  • Sports Themed Baby Shower

Decades (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s)
Sports (Football/NFL teams)
Baseball (MBL Teams)
Basketball (NBA Teams)
Hocky (NHL Teams)
NCAA Teams
WNBA Teams
Mardi Gras
If your party is days away and you want to find candy fast without driving around burning time & money? Use Amazon, they have a wide range of candies with the 2-day shipping. Don’t forget the party favors! Of course you need a confectionery to blow out the candles, right? One of the most popular types of cakes is actually cupcakes! Yes, even for adults! It eliminates the need to cut slices and if a guest does not want cake, then its easy to pack up the leftovers to share with others.
Don’t limit yourself on your color scheme because the candy you see in the store only come in the general colors. Use my links to Amazon to purchase specially colored candy (wrapped).  As you consider your chosen candy, think about the optics and the different levels you want your candy to appear as.

If you want to purchase the candies used in the Chicago Hawks Candy Table, click the links below:

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If you’re looking for chocolate candy that will please a corporate crowd, you’ve struck gold! Each Kisses Milk Chocolate is a bite of pure happiness: deliciously creamy and oh so satisfying. They’re perfect for office parties, tradeshows, corporate gifts, and any occasion that calls for one of life’s little rewards.
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Tub of Chick-O-Stick. 160 pieces.
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