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Gourmet Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

How to Make Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

Researchers and scientists have said for decades that chocolate is an aphrodisiac.  So I think its appropriate to offer guests to a wedding shower or a wedding reception the ultimate treat, CHOCOLATE wrapped in chocolate.

Supplies Needed:

1-2 pkgs of Original Oreo Cookies (36 cookies per pack, you may want to save the broken cookies for later)

1-3 Bags of Chocolate Candy Melts (Color of your choice)

Crisco Shortening

Microwaveable bowl


Plain Cookie Chocolate Mold (purchase on Amazon)


Place approximately 1 C of Candy Melts and 1 tsp of shortening into a microwaveable bowl.  until almost all melted.  Microwave in 30 second increments (stirring in between).  Only microwave til candy melts are soft, then stir till chocolate is smooth.  Chocolate should be thin as pudding.  To prevent the chocolate from over cooking, only heat ingredients so that you can manually stir to assist the chocolate in the melting process.

Pour chocolate to cover the bottom of the cookie mold, then place cookie in the center of mold.  Pour chocolate to cover the cookie.  Fill the rest of the mold with chocolate & repeat for the other 5 molds. Be sure to push the cookie down slightly to avoid air bubbles.  Once the mold is full, place in freezer until stiff. After chocolate has set, remove cookie from mold.  If temperature in home is warm, place chocolate covered cookies back into refrigerator until ready to decorate.  At this stage you can leave them as is, or prepare them for decorating.


If you are choosing to decorate the cookie, use the same chocolate melting procedure as above.  The decorative chocolate should be a coordinating color.  Pour the chocolate in plastic Ziploc sandwich bag.  To decorate cookies, line cookies up closely on a sheet of parchment paper (wax paper) like an assembly line.   Cut a small bottom corner of the sandwich bag, but hold the bag so that it doesn’t leak until you’re ready to decorate.  Quickly drip chocolate from left to right across the cookie until decorated to your liking.  Let the chocolate drizzle across in lines or a  Zig-Zag pattern.

Place cookies back into the refrigerator to set, then sit out to serve as they become room temperature

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Pinneapple Palm Tree

Are you having a trpinn1opical themed party and want to extend the decor into edible food, this pineapple tree may be just what you need.

  • Items needed:
  • Kitchen Scissors
  • Toothpicks/Skewers
  • A variety of fruit
  • Industrial Round Pan
  • Faux Ferns

To start, cork the center of approximately 4 pineapples.  Stack the hollow pineapples on top of each other. Use toothpicks to align them up so they’ll stay together.  Spread the different types of fruit around the base of the pineapple.  String the fruit around the trunk of the tree.  Insert the faux ferns into the top of the tree. Enjoy

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