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Sparkling Painted Glitter Walls

How to get Sparkling Painted Glitter Walls

I am creating a ‘beauty space/room’ and although the painting process would’ve been easier and less time-consuming, I took the paint on the wall two steps further.  I decided to go with a grey/silver wall cover but because its such a small space I knew I had to consider what shade of grey I was going to choose.  For my base, I used BEHR’s White Metal (grey) and for my Chevron design I used BEHR’s Ultra Flat Flannel Grey.

Months prior to painting I went shopping at Tuesday Morning and saw a Chevron Wall Stencil so without knowing what I was going to do with it, I purchased it.  As I was painting my space with a faint grey color I knew right away that I was going to use the wall stencil with a flat, darker grey color.  One of the advantages of being a scrapbooker is, the knowledge and experience using stencils and making sure the paint doesn’t bleed through.  So, the process was timely, but well worth it.  Once I was done with the Chevron design, I was still second guessing my choice so I stepped back to take a good look at what I created and I was greatly disappointed.  I knew something was missing, but what exactly, I did not know!  I have watched so many YouTube videos to get inspired, then I came across a video where they painted an entire wall using glitter.  I knew painting an entire wall was going to be too flashy and would not reflect who I am.  So, I literally just stood there an stared at the wall.  The way my mind works is, it visualizes possibilities and the idea that sticks is usually my choice.  So the idea to fill in the space between the Chevron design with glitter stuck.  Now my dilemma was choosing the glitter and the best glue or medium to help the glitter stick to the wall without fallout.  There are at least two sizes of glitter flakes you can choose from.  I chose extra fine glitter because I wanted a smooth transition from the glitter to the flat painted Chevron pattern.  I did more research on google and You Tube and chose to use glazing medium to stick the glitter to the walls (see below).  It was super easy and I think anyone can achieve this look.  People talked about the pattern being straight and I how impressed they were on that fact alone.  Once I added the glitter in-between the patterns, it gave the room just the right kind of sparkle I was going for.  The process wasn’t difficult at all, as long as you take your time, things will be fine.

  • Glitter Medium Consistency
    Glitter and Glaze Medium Consistency

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need a top coat to keep the glitter from falling out and getting everywhere.  I looked at mediocre options like ModPodge, but my experience with ModPodge wasn’t a totally positive one.  So I decided to use Rust-Oelum Crystal Clear Enamel.

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